Working Together We Can All Accomplish More!

There are many well-established nonprofit foundations and charitable organizations in Colombia that have been providing extremely valuable assistance to people in need. It is PharmaCielo Foundation’s mandate to not just provide direct funding and assistance for in-house ideas and projects, but to channel financial resources through many of these other foundations.

Additionally, Fundación PharmaCielo has received support from several corporations – both inside and outside of Colombia – that value the life-changing efforts we are putting forth.

We believe that by empowering people with the knowledge and the necessary skills to better their own lot in life, focusing on education for youth and skill development and job retraining we can help not just provide a fish but teach disadvantaged citizens how to fish for themselves.

Over the coming months, we intend to be involved with supporting many different efforts that help us realize the common goal we should all share… And that is to help create a more equitable and balanced social structure whereby all children's hopes and dreams can realistically be achieved.

If your foundation, charity or organization would like to consider sharing funding ideas or providing financial assistance alongside our efforts, please visit our Contact Us page and reach out. We can always use more helping hands!

Strategic Partners

The Dreams Foundation Colombia was created in 2001 by a group of neighboring farm owners in the village of Bolombolo, in southwestern Antioquia, Colombia, as a non-profit social organization committed to improving the quality of life for their neighbors. This campesino community was particularly hard hit in 2010 when extensive flooding, a frequent occurrence, destroyed many homes. The foundation strives to be the area's leader in generating and facilitating community development programs that contribute to improved living conditions of the most vulnerable of the population. Its mission is to promote community development through training, nutrition and other programs aimed at improving the quality of life and socioeconomic conditions, ever mindful of its core values: solidarity, commitment, honesty, equity and transparency. Beginning with the establishment of a canteen for the elderly and support for productive projects for single mothers in the Bolombolo area, in 2011 the foundation began supporting the community of Peñalisa (Salgar) and El Golpe (Concordia) in western Antioquia through family-focused entertaining and educational projects to promote self-sustainability and personal responsibility.

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War-Torn is a multilateral, intersectoral, interfaith, intercultural, interdisciplinary, international organization cooperating across platforms for a common goal: alleviating part of the agony that comes from years of conflict. War-Torn works directly with government agencies, UN branches, NGOs, private corporations, cultural societies, small businesses and religious associations worldwide. War-Torn seeks to address issues of child soldier reintegration and economic development from its base in Bogotá, Colombia and from its U.S. and Ukraine offices tackles issues of refugee and women's rights, disarmament, and religious and interfaith cooperation. War-Torn also provides training for civil society on submitting allegation letters and urgent appeals on human-rights violations to UN bodies and provides knowledge-based assistance to organizations and businesses that wish to globalize or expand into war-torn nations or those enduring conflict, to ensure a more secure, comprehensive transition.

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Alfalit is a faith-based, nonprofit organization, founded in 1961 by Eulalia Cook and Justo and Luisa Gonzalez, that believes literacy is the cornerstone of all humanitarian efforts. Its mission is to eradicate human suffering caused by illiteracy. Alfalit offers programs in literacy, basic education, early childhood development/preschool, health, nutrition, disease prevention, job and skills training and community development to the poorest residents of 24 countries throughout Africa, Latin America, Europe and the United States, including Colombia. Alfalit reaches very poor and remote areas and provides high quality, cost-effective education with compassion and respect for the people that are served. The average cost per student for a 1-year program is $117, to learn how to read, write, and do basic math up to a 3rd grade level of education; $234 covers a 2-3 year program providing a basic 3rd to 6th grade level of education. In the more than five decades Alfalit has been pursuing this mission, 8,000,000 people have learned to read, write and do math through its programs. Now, 120,000 students between the ages 4 to 81 are enrolled in Alfalit's programs, and another 11,000 children in 10 countries attend its pre-school programs.

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FUNDAFLOR, the Foundation of Cut Flowers and Greenhouse Producers, is a nonprofit, private Colombian foundation founded in 1993 by owners of flower cultivation businesses who are committed to contributing human, economic and social capital toward the environment and welfare of the communities in which their flower farms are located, and to their employees and their families. FUNDAFLOR's programs aim to strengthen the social and environmental commitments of the flower industry nationally, generate alliances with public and private entities and non-profit organizations and to help people access services of those entities, promote the use and benefits from the entities to which it contributes taxes and promote the integral development of the region. The foundation also supports initiatives that generate employment and productive enterprises and promotes leadership development, a culture of peace and the formation of communities responsible for themselves and their environment. FUNDAFLOR's focus is on providing education and assistance to bring people together around common objectives, helping them fulfill their dreams, and responsibility through wise management in all matters, taking responsibility for their own lives.

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