The non-profit Fundación PharmaCielo (PharmaCielo Foundation) provides financial and in-kind resources in areas that can help advance the overall quality of life of current and future generations of Colombian citizens.

Whenever possible, PC Foundation supports and partners with existing local initiatives to promote long-term, sustainable self-sufficiency. PC Foundation is especially focused on supporting educational and health initiatives designed to encourage children to become self-sufficient thinkers and positive contributors to society. In certain instances, direct financing may be provided, while in other instances the PC Foundation will provide financial resources to already existing foundations operating in Colombia that have a demonstrated ability to effect positive impact in areas of mutual focus.

One aspect of PC Foundation’s efforts relates to the importance of making wise choices about the use of medicinal cannabis, and any prescription drugs or other substances, as a core tenet of good health and personal responsibility. The PC Foundation intends to support educational programs that promote proper and mature choices about medication use so that the benefits to be accrued can be realized without the development of psychological or physiological dependency that is so often the outcome of abusing any medication or other product, including alcohol.

In striving to have a powerful impact through education programs, the PC Foundation intends to work with centers of influence that have an impact on the way youth think and feel about this issue. We will look to align ourselves with musicians, artists, actors, celebrities and others – many of whom are already aligned with organizations working in this area, including many notable foundations – in order to enhance educational program benefits. We wish to facilitate a sustainable impact so that tomorrow’s generation of adults is more aware and more cognizant of the dangers of substance abuse, which will hopefully lead to a lower level of dependency on any form of drugs in society.

By working with today’s youth to open doors of opportunity through embracing personal responsibility in decision-making and individual actions, they develop the confidence to realize their dreams, creating a stronger, more personally responsible society of tomorrow.

The PC Foundation will receive quarterly contributions from PharmaCielo Ltd. equal to 2% of the Company’s pre-tax profits, which based on financial projections could amount to substantial financial resources.

Board of Directors

Federico Cock-Correa, Executive Director

Mr. Cock-Correa is a master horticulturist with 30 years of management experience, utilizing innovative technology to develop new crops and enhance horticultural production techniques. He earned his degree as Administrator of Agricultural Business and Agricultural Sciences from ABAC (agricultural college), an extension of The University of Georgia. He is a native of Medellin, Colombia.

He has served as general manager, board member, partner and founder of numerous horticultural businesses in Rionegro, Antioquia (including Ecoflora, C.I. Cultiva Farms, Propatec S.A.S., Aromáticas y Medicinales La Selva, Uniflor Ltda., Tahamí & Cultiflores S.A. and Cultivos Medellín Ltda), for which he provided production and marketing supervision related to the plants themselves and to their extracted oils. Through these companies he has provided project development and research services to Corpoica, Universidad Catolica de Oriente (UCO), Universidad Nacional and Parque Technologico de Antioquia, where he specialized in developing aromatic and medicinal plants.

Mr. Cock-Correa is a member of the national board of directors of Colombian Flower Exporters Association (Asocolflores) and has been a member or officer of Business Corporation of Eastern Antioquia (CEO), Colombian Floriculture Innovation Center (Ceniflores) and the Floral Products Trade Association (WFFSA). He also was a director of Fundaflor, Corporacion Amigos por Tarso and Sueños por Colombia, all non-profit foundations.

Mr. Cock-Correa built an important international business by developing a marketing network reaching the USA, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Chile and Canada. Mr. Cock-Correa was one of the pioneers in exporting flowers by sea container to the UK market, selling the product to wholesale distributors.

Anthony Wile, Director

Anthony Wile is the CEO, Director and co-founder of PharmaCielo Ltd. and a Director of Fundación PharmaCielo. An entrepreneur, business strategist, publisher and author, Mr. Wile began his career in the Canadian investment industry with Scotia McLeod and Nesbitt Burns.

Prior to founding PharmaCielo, Mr. Wile acted as a private equity investor and supported the launch and growth of enterprises in a number of global markets, including Colombia. He has lived and worked in several financial centres around the world, developing a network of leading international business and finance professionals.

Mr. Wile became a citizen of Colombia in August 2018 by decree of President Juan Manuel Santos, and maintains his Canadian citizenship. He is a resident of both Toronto and Medellín and is fluent in English and Spanish. Mr. Wile has also published a number of books focused on building private equity businesses and leveraging burgeoning investment trends to generate wealth. He graduated from Saint Mary's University with a Bachelor of Commerce.

Cristóbal Gaviria, Director

Mr. Gaviria ("Gavi") is an acclaimed Colombian artist with international reach who works in paint and sculpture media. Since 2000, his works have been well received in exhibits in Bogota, Medellin, Miami, Costa Rica and Europe. Several of Mr. Gaviria's sculptures are on display in the Colombian embassies in Washington DC and Madrid, in the homes of former Presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana.

In September 2015, Mr. Gaviria's sculpture entitled "Christ" was presented to Pope Francis, during the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by international artist and philanthropist Juanes, a 20-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter from Colombia. "Christ" is a crucifix in which Christ is on a cross made from the trunk of a fern.

Mr. Gaviria's sculptures are emplaced along the road from Medellin to its international airport and represented Colombia at the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, in December 2005. Alvaro Uribe commissioned Mr. Gaviria to create a life-sized bust of Antonio Nariño, which has been installed in San Jose, Costa Rica, in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In Boca Raton, Florida, Mr. Gaviria was commissioned to craft a statue of the city's founder, Addison Mizner, which now permanently overlooks that US city from atop a large arch where it was installed in 2005.

Mr. Gaviria attended Colegio Benedictinos and Colegio Los Alcázares, Instituto El Poblado, both in Medellin. After completing high school, he began working with Master Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt, one of the most prestigious artists of Colombia, with whom he learned to work in the wax bronze medium. Following Betancourt's death in 1995, Mr. Gaviria opened his own studio. Born and raised in Medellin, he continues to live in Rionegro surrounded by the stunning artistry of Colombia's natural beauty. His work can be viewed online at

Elizabeth Londoño Velásquez, Director

Ms. Londoño has 28 years experience providing administrative services in the floriculture industry, including four years as administrative and financial director and 15 years as human resources director. Her experience has included provision of services in the areas of human resources, strategic planning, environmental management system implementation (Florverde, Fair Trade and ETI), safety and control systems (BASC) and quality system ISO 9000. Ms. Londoño was previously occupational health chief for two Colombian flower production companies.

For five years, Ms. Londoño taught Quality Processes for the Quality College, a division of Philip Crosby Associates, and was a part-time professor with the Centre for Studies Jaime Isaza Cadavid and the Technological Institute Pascual Bravo for five years. An active member of the Committee of Human Resources in Asocolflores, of which she is the coordinator, Ms. Londoño was also the president of the board of directors of the parents association of the Country School Horizontes.

Ms. Londoño obtained her specialization in Integral Management from the Centre for Studies Jaime Isaza Cadavid, where she received academic honors. She previously graduated as a Technologist in Occupational Hygiene and Safety from the same institution.